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Tuesday, 21 Feb. 2012
A new interview has been added, conducted for Mutilador e-zine. It will be translated and published in Spanish, so here the English version is available.

Friday, 14 Oct. 2011
Nattsvargr is currently seeking a label to help with the re-release of the Vinterblod album. The finances of Nocturnal Abyss Records have dried up and it never received the proper distribution or promotion. A lot of effort and time was put into this recording, and it is the desire of the band that it is available for those that would appreciate it. The band is not seeking money, simply someone to put this out. Contact for more info.

Monday, 14 June 2010
Two new interviews (one conducted back in March) have been added to the library section. Read the original version at Archaic Metallurgy.

Friday, 12 Mar. 2010
The new album is finished and set to be released later this month. To help speed this along, we are asking people to pre-order the CD. This will assist with the cost of printing them up. The cost is only $10 per CD, plus shipping (calculated by location). The first 20 people that order the album will also receive a copy of the previous album, Winds of Transilvania, as well as the remaining Morbid Night of Melancholy demo tapes.

Monday, 17 Nov. 2009
Three new songs have been completed for a split album to be released on a small German label, in the near future. The band is still seeking a permanent drummer and bassist, as well as a label to assist with the coming full-length.

Tuesday, 7 Apr. 2009
Nattsvargr is currently seeking a drummer and a bassist, for future recordings. The band has had offers for performing at a handful of festivals and would like to entertain the idea of going, but a full line-up is needed for such a thing.  
Also, Noctir was recently interviewed for the Metal Revolution Webzine. It took some time for it to appear online, but you can read it here.

Tuesday, 24 Mar. 2009
The Winds of Transilvania full-length is now available. To obtain a copy, contact the band through email or via MySpace. Unfortunately, Themgoroth was unable to participate in the recording, so this album is, once again, the work of Noctir and Werewolf. The band is seeking a label to assist with distribution, as well as pressing additional copies.  

Monday, 10 Nov. 2008
For those looking for the old E.P. and demos, Noctir has recently collaborated with former drummer, Magnus, to put together a compilation of this previous material titled The Nocturnal Abyss. It is available in limited numbers, so write soon if you wish to obtain a copy. 

Saturday, 6 Sept. 2008

All of the material for the upcoming full-length has been written and is in the process of being recorded. Rough versions of the songs exist and the vocal tracks have already been completed. Noctir and Werewolf have been joined by Themgoroth (ex-DARK FUNERAL, INFERNAL) on bass. The recording is expected to be finished in the near future and the band hopes for an October 2008 release. The album will feature seven songs, including the three from the latest demo.

Also, the amount of letters and emails, following the ad that ran in Metal Maniacs, has been greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, 26 Mar. 2008

Initially, the band intended to begin work on the full-length, by the end of last year. At the very least, another demo was to be recorded. Due to some technical issues, the Morbid Night of Melancholy demo was not entirely satisfactory and the band wanted to correct this as soon as possible. Unfortunately, life has a way of interfering with plans. The two main members of the band have other responsibilities as well, but this is a mere inconvenience. Material has been written for a full-length to be recorded at some point in 2008. Along with new material, the songs from the demo will be re-recorded, in order to unleash them in their proper form.

Tuesday, 29 Jan. 2008

Several copies of the Morbid Night of Melancholy demo are still available. There is no charge for this, simply send your request via email and provide a shipping address.
The band is currently working on material for the upcoming full-length, with hopes to record before the end of winter.

Tuesday, 22 Jan. 2008
The band is still seeking a drummer. This has been a problem for some time now. The band is seeking a serious, dedicated drummer for the upcoming L.P. Distance is not a problem if you have the equipment necessary for recording on your own. A session drummer will do, in this case. You need not dedicate any more time to this band than is necessary to record the album. There are no plans of playing live any time in the near future. A serious and clear understanding of Black Metal and a little bit of skill are the only things required.


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